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For us, its all about the player. They’re the ones that go outside and leave it all in the field. We believe that behind every victory there’s essential work that’s invisible to the eyes but everybody know its there.

That’s why in SmartPlay we are committed to show you what most people don’t perceive.  By working together we can give you the right tools to bring your teams to the modern era.

Passion + Professionalism + Perseverance

About Us

We are a STARTUP specialized in sports-focused technology.

What do we do?

We offer tailor made solutions to immediately identify potential performance related improvements to help your player or team reach its maximum capabilities.

How do we do it?

Every team, manager and player is different. That’s why we’ll work with you to design a solution specifically made for your team or player needs.

Technology . Innovation . Ease of use

 How fast can a player go?  Is he being effective? Is your offensive strategy optimized? Do I have a defensive blind spot? This information and more is right in front of your eyes and we’ll help you identify it and use it to your advantage.

Capture Raw Data

This is about extracting valuable data. Your team produces an incredible amount of information that needs the proper tools to extract and properly store it.

Process Data

The information obtained is dense and varied: Defense, offense, strategies, physical performance. We compare and process all the information so we can filter it and extract only what we really need.

Analyze Data

 Being able to Quickly analyze data is crucial for an effective decision making process. This way a manager can properly develop sound strategies and quickly modify them if the need arises.

Smart Data

This is about taking curated data and transforming it into Valuable information that’s ready to be used in the strategy and decision making process.

Smart Play

Now you have everything you need to play better, to play smarter.  Your team is now modern, efficient and organized. We guarantee a much better chance to achieve your goals.

A First Rate Team

Passion . Innovation . Experience

The Tools You Need


 4K Recording • Coding • Analysis

During a match the action takes place in a limited space, but the game develops in the entire field. With this tool you will capture every single move, every single play.  Capture everything, with amazing detail so you can develop the correct strategies and play smarter.

Our software records every single play and lets you rewind and zoom in on a precise location or specific action so the TD or manager can easily evaluate any instance.



Data Capture • Real Time • Storage

“If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Improve It”  Peter Drucker.

A team that goes out to give their best is not necessarily effective in their actions. With SmartCode it’s possible to decode every match in order to measure efficiency and detect possible weaknesses and strengths in real time so you can guarantee an effective decision making process and develop the correct strategy.


Analysis • Selection • Strategy

Smart Graphics is a powerful and easy to use tool that lets you  overlay data, drawings and much more over every action recorded in the field. It’s perfect for shedding light to critical moments that needs to stand out from the rest.

Teach and prepare your players. Let them watch their progression and technique instantly, in a way never done before.



Connection • Community • Devotion

There’s no sports event without its critical component, a community willing to invest time and resources supporting what they love. Without them sports leagues and organizations would be incomplete and couldn’t evolve in time. With SmartEngagement your organization will have the chance to create a vibrant community while generating value to our most valuable asset, our FANS.

We are focused on working very closely together with the top sporting leagues and associations so we can provide a service unlike any other.



Cutting Edge Technology Applied to Sports
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“La tecnología de Smart Play en conjunto con la experiencia del equipo ha logrado sacar a la luz los pequeños detalles que hacen la diferencia”
Ernesto Torelli - DIRECTOR

“Nos enorgullece tener a Smartplay como aliado fundamental en la mejora continua de nuestras estrategias de enseñanza”

Ariel Pecherski - CEO POLO ARGENTINA

Share Our Passion

There’s nothing bigger than a fan’s passion for their team. We want the managers and technical directors to share this passion with knowledge and expertise. Let SmartPlay help you be a better manager. Let’s work together and make your team a SMART Team.


Buenos Aires

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New York

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